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Job descriptions - M&E

          M&E Engineer

          CAD Technician

          CAD Coordinator

          Commissioning Engineer



M & E Engineer


Mechanical & Electrical Engineers work on a project from the initial brief, through the design and development stage to the testing and following the project through right up to implementation. The role also includes:


          Designing and implementing mechanical and electrical needs, i.e. water supply, electricity, ventilation, h-vac

          Working with other designers and engineers

          Developing, testing and evaluating theoretical designs

          Discussing and solving complex problems with suppliers and customers

          Ensuring quality and success

          Producing details of specifications and outline designs

          Considering the implications of issues such as cost, safety and time constraints


Pay / salary                          18,000 - 30,000


(M&E Manager salary 40,000 - 50,000)


Qualifications                      HNC / HND in construction / engineering



CAD Technician


CAD Technicians usually work as part of the M&E design team through all stages of a project, getting involved in mechanical, electrical, public health, fire and utility elements.  The role can include:


          Assisting Electrical, Mechanical, Public Health and Utilities Engineers

          Creating CAD drawings from paper copies 

          Transferring manual amendments to drawings on to CAD prior to coordination

          Carrying out site surveys

          Working to relevant standards and regulations

          Working in 2D or 3D


Pay / salary                          18,000 - 23,000


Qualifications                      Familiarity with software such as AutoCAD and Microstation is an advantage



CAD Coordinator


A CAD Coordinator follows on from a CAD Technician and precedes a Design Engineer in terms of career path. Main duties include:


          Plotting all services onto CAD and checking for clashes (i.e. where electrical cables could cause problems running in the same place as water)

          Working with software such as AutoCAD and Microstation and utilising CADDuct, Amtech etc. for basic detailing

          Checking the supplied drawings

          Liaising with designers and engineers


Pay / salary                          23,000 - 32,000



Commissioning Engineer


Commissioning Engineers carry out the final checking procedures on installed systems and equipment to ensure that they are safe, fully working and meet with regulations. The role involves:


          Preparing test and complete reports

          Delivering complete and sign off final documentation as ready to hand over to client

          Producing detailed reports of any faults or issues that need rectifying before installation can be signed off

          Ensuring compliance with the company safety plan and regulations


Pay / salary                          25,000 - 38,000


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