Umbrella PSL

One of the main decisions every contractor has to make is whether to set up their own limited company or get paid through an umbrella company. However, with so many competing suppliers out there it can be difficult to know where to go. 

That’s why Gold Group is proud to recommend 'Umbrella Fella' as one of our preferred suppliers.

Why Umbrella Fella?

Umbrella Fella offers a fast and professional service that is fully compliant with HMRC. Our friendly and experienced team are committed to being accurate in their work.

We pride ourselves in paying close attention to detail whilst maintaining an efficient work flow to ensure the sign-up and payment process is as easy and stress free as possible, leaving you free to focus all your energy on what’s important: your contract!

Additional Benefits:

  • No need to complete our timesheets: Unlike some Umbrella Companies, Umbrella Fella collects time sheets direct from the agency so there’s no need for you to double up on paperwork.
  • Affordable flat rate options with no hidden charges: PAYE option for £17.50 per timesheet per week including expenses claims OR Limited Micro option for £27.70 per week.
  • Online Payment Portal: You will be provided with your own portal login so you can look at your payslips online at a time convenient to you. You will even be able to see what you are owed a few days in advance of being paid.
  • No premium numbers: We don't use 0845 so there will be no nasty surprises in your phone bill when you need to contact us.
  • Refer a friend scheme: A week's free payroll for every friend who successfully signs up and completes four weeks with us.
  • Loyalty rewards: A week's free payroll if you take us with you on your second assignment.

For further information about our full range of services and incentives please visit our website.

To find out how we can help relieve the administrative burden out of contracting call 01342 33 05 99 or email