The Latest Innovation in Job Hunting: Video Interview Software

21 September 2017 by Cindy Trillo

Recruiting new job candidates is now becoming easier for companies looking to acquire talented employees thanks to recent software developments. Video interviewing is becoming the most logistical and cost-effective way for companies to interview candidates as part of the selection process on a global scale. Research from University College London’s business programmes show that a large majority of businesses now use video interviews, demonstrating how the technology has moved beyond the early stages of usage.

Video interviewing is therefore the future of job recruitment, making it all the more important for job seekers to be prepared for this process and moreover, to expect it. The process of video interviewing is beneficial for a number of reasons, both for companies and for potential candidates that are seeking to coordinate interview times from remote locations. The recent trend is one that is sure to stick for the long term, now that most departments within a business, including human resources, have turned to technology for furthered conveniences.

Benefits of Conducting Video Interviews

As stated, one of the major benefits of video interviewing is that it saves businesses travel compensation when recruiting employees from remote locations. By conducting interviews through computers, companies can hire employees from all over the world and reduce the time it takes to fill an open position. Major companies, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, utilize this technique in order to coordinate interviews with top candidates who may be residents of various countries.

Additionally, video interviews are beneficial for human resource teams in that they allow the interview footage to be reviewed and replayed if necessary. This can be especially helpful when interviewing a range of candidates, as comparisons can be made more easily. The footage can also be shared with various departments who may also want to input their opinions.

Tips for Video Interviews

For companies looking to use video interviewing, you will want to do the right amount of research to determine which software is best for your purposes. Suppliers oftentimes offer free trials, which can help human resource teams establish how they will make the most of the technology. Companies should also develop a guide to using the technology and be aware of any technical glitches that may occur.

For candidates facing a video interview, be sure to set up a proper recording environment and dressed appropriately. Treat the interview as though it is in-person, practicing answers to questions that will help you grow more comfortable with the technology before you begin. You should also consider the timing of your answers, making sure to be precise and to avoid rambling.

With the advent of video interviewing replacing traditional face-to-face interviews, employers and their potential candidates can benefit from the technology by saving costs, time, and by capitalizing on efficiency.