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RPO Case Studies

14 December 2023 by S Douthwaite

RPO Case Studies

The RPO service works in a way that a monthly fee is paid for our Recruitment coordination. We still continue direct sourcing too, which is a separate fee. Any direct applicants are managed by us and no fee is charged. Any from other external agencies are managed by us also, and any fee agreement you have with them would be paid between the client and the agency.

This allows us to have a more personal relationship with the customer and it’s employees. Making communication and the candidate’s journey through the process so much better.

 We have several clients that we are currently working as RPO’s for. I will use 2 examples;

London based Tech Co. And Pharma Company in Sussex as case studies.


Tech Company

Our client started out as an App made to solve the frustrations we all face . They rebranded this year as they now do more than just the App. We have recruited for them very successfully over the last 6 years. This year we decided to offer more than just an offsite recruitment partnership. For a monthly fee, we have taken over all recruitment coordination and management of their Workable Recruitment platform. Through the use of their Slack and daily Teams meetings; we were able to finely coordinate and manage line managers through the selection and interview processes. We would take on the responsibility of initial interviews and management of all external recruiters. This gave the line managers more time to focus on what they are there to do. For an example;

Statistics for November 2022

·         4 live roles which included;

-          Senior Product Manager, 27 direct applicants and 3 CV’s from ourselves. 4 first stage interviews and 2 second stage. One of the candidates we sourced was then offered and starts in January.

-          x2 Junior Product Managers, 180 direct applications, there was no need to use external help. Set up 8 first stage interviews and 4 second stage interviews. They ended up taking on 3 instead of 2, all to start in January.

-          People Partner, 68 direct applicants and 2 from ourselves, shortlisted to 5 first interviews. 3 to final stage and 1 offered who started on Monday who was a direct applicant.

This is an ongoing service which our client is very happy to continue next year.


Supplier Responsibilities:

Gold Group shall provide an end-to-end service in all tasks related to both permanent recruitment and contract provision co-ordination would be covered, including but not limited to;

       Initial inbound CV reviews and commentary

       First stage interviews, if required.

       Stage management in Workable (rejecting candidates that don’t suit the requirements prior to internal review)

       Diary management and calendaring

       stakeholder/hiring team comms

       Working in partnership with current suppliers to source and fill both recruitment requirements

 Roles include:

·         Software Engineers

·         Product Managers

·         Business Development Managers

·         Account Managers

·         Project Managers

·         Business Analyst’s

·         Test Engineers

recruitment jobs vacancies Gold Group Recruitment