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Statement of Work

The traditional agency or "contingent worker" model is now, more than ever, facing more scrutiny and presenting more risks due to IR35. Industries are increasingly turning to less risk adverse and more defined deliverable resourcing for their non-permanent work force requirements. 

Project based, or Statement of Work (SoW) resourcing is an alternative to time and materials and is becoming more popular owing to the key factors such as reducing risk, managing costs, and maintaining quality, whilst transferring some of the onus and risk onto the suppliers. It provides you with a single contract to cover defined timescales, milestones, deliverables, or, fixed price or project-based activities.  

The benefits of SoW include

  • Dedicated, project resources are retained on site, overseen by the supplier, mitigating any co-employment/implied employment risks.

  • Retaining resources throughout the longevity of the project/service without incurring tenure restrictions or implications.

  • Source talent without increasing your headcount.

  • Client staff time freed up to focus on core activities.

  • Delivery based on outputs, rather than time and materials — controlling budgets.

  • Supplier ownership of quality output increases and ensures high standards are met and maintained.

  • Project delivered on time and within budget.

  • Improved compliance mitigates risk and provides greater control over the workforce while an improved approvals process helps increase project success.

Over the last few years, utilising the SOW approach has evolved our business and labour landscape, enabling Gold Group to continually evaluate its strategic position to adapt to the changing needs of our clients and work with them as valued resourcing partners.


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recruitment jobs vacancies Gold Group Recruitment