Timesheet Info

Timesheet Info

Timesheet systems are commonplace for contractors and the clients that employ them, and Gold Group is no different. We use an industry leading timesheet system called ETZ. You should receive your login details to sign in via text or email within a few days of receiving your contract. 

If you are a Gold Group contractor you can login here.

Payment Schedules:

Completing Timesheets:

The steps below outline the basics of completing a timesheet:

  1. Login to the timesheet system with your username and password.
  2. Click on the timesheet you want to enter details for.
  3. Enter the hours that you have worked for the days of the week you have worked.
  4. Choose the way your timesheet is processed and click the submit button to complete.

Need more help? Download our 'Contractor Guide to Using the Timesheet System'.


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