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In October 2011, the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (the AWR) came into force in the UK. It is a piece of legislation that seeks to provide equal treatment to Agency Workers in certain situations. The Agency Worker needs to have completed a 12 week qualification period before they are eligible for equal treatment as directed by the regulations.

Gold Group have produced a guide to help our clients understand AWR and to explain how Gold Group, in partnership with their clients, can ensure that all parties are working within the regulations and are complying to the law and therefore eliminating risk to their business, whilst still feeling safe in the knowledge that we can continue to add value to your business using a flexible workforce.

Whilst laws in regard to 'agency workers' has changed, they are still an important part of most employers' work force.  As a result it is important that employers understand the effects of the AWR and how they can maintain the flexibility they are offered with these kinds of employees.

Gold Group is able to provide in depth consultancy on AWR, including comprehensive analysis and consultancy on responding to the changes.

To ensure relevant information is passed on to our clients, we worked with a number of organisations representing the recruitment industry during the development of the AWR, including Lawspeed (one of the top recruitment law advisors in the UK), the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo). Our aim was to understand the impact of the AWR on the flexible workforce, and on the systems and processes that support the supply of Agency Workers.

Guidance notes were published in May 2011 by The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). Employers need to understand the impact of this legislation and the effect AWR could have on their plans. We see it as our responsibility to ensure any client we work with has the relevant knowledge and information to safely take on flexible workers.

To request more information about AWR, or to book a meeting to discuss AWR and the effects on your business, please contact our Business Support Manager on or call 01342 330 500.


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recruitment jobs vacancies Gold Group Recruitment