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Dealing with counter offers

Dealing with counter offers

You have found the right candidate and offered them the job. However their current employer has made a counter-offer. This is a good sign as it demonstrates the candidate is highly valued within the organisation, reassuring you made the right choice.  The downside is there is now a strong possibility the candidate may turn down your offer of employment.

So what should you do?

Consider the candidate

Firstly, you must consider whether there are any other candidates just as suitable for the job. If not then you can try to improve on the counter offer, however it is best to suggest your first offer was the best offer in order to prevent you from getting involved in a compensation battle. If there are no alternatives and the counter offer is accepted then you will unfortunately need to restart the recruitment process. 

Speak with your recruiter

Your recruiter will have a full understanding of the situation and previous experiences dealing with these circumstances.  They will be able to help you in the process and provide guidance as to what to do.

Prevent the counter offer being considered

You can prevent the candidate from considering the counter offer by keeping in touch with them and reassuring them about the role. Ensuring the candidate feels wanted means they are likely to increase their loyalty to you.

Some things to consider include:

  • Regular emails 
  • Help and advice on their first day
  • Introduction to the team
  • Courtesy call after the job offer has been accepted


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recruitment jobs vacancies Gold Group Recruitment