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Tailoring your CV for contract work

Tailoring your CV for contract work

Whether you are applying for contract positions for the first time or want to move on to your next contract role take some time to change your CV to suit this.

Regularly update your CV

Most importantly, so that you can find a job relevant to your skills make sure you have updated your CV fully before applying for roles. If you are already registered with an agency let them know you are looking and send them an up-to-date copy of your CV so they can get the best roles for you.

Think about your skills

Start by making sure you include the skills that will create the image that you are the perfect contractor and can fill this type of role. There are many skills that a contract job requires; Are you flexible? Do you have the ability to adapt to new situations?  Are you quick to learn and pick up new skills? All these are great skills to have, but even more so as a contractor.

Keep it concise

Often contract jobs need to be filled quickly so the clients that are reading them need to make decisions promptly. It is advisable to write shorter paragraphs and to include only previous assignments/contract roles that are relevant to the role being applied for. This will give the reader a good overview of your strengths and demonstrate the reasons they should make you an offer.

Include examples

Make sure that you don’t just list your previous contract roles. By simply reeling these off you will not give the reader a good idea of your capabilities. A good way to demonstrate your skills is to make sure you summarise the tasks you did, the skills you developed and what you achieved within each contract role.

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recruitment jobs vacancies Gold Group Recruitment