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Working your notice period

Working your notice period

Once you have got a new job, handed in your notice and know your new start date, working your notice can be a bit of a chore. Many people are tempted to ride it out and not really do much and some even take it as an opportunity to tell people what they really think!

Our advice on what to do when working your notice would be very different.

Our belief is that you should see working your notice as a benefit. It is your chance to leave a company on great terms and also to leave a big hole in your wake.

You never know where your career may take you and who is to say that your line manager won’t one day become the owner of a business you would love to work at! Working hard during your notice period will leave a good impression with colleagues around you. Likewise, being missed will leave a lasting impression that your skills and abilities are invaluable.

We suggest the following whilst working your notice:

  • Remain professional and courteous throughout
  • Tie up all loose ends and work closely with your superiors to make sure everything is covered
  • Work as hard as you ever have, if not harder, to leave that lasting impression
  • Don’t brag about your new role and how you can’t wait to get out of there

Another important thing to remember is that you may need one of your former colleagues or line managers to write you a reference in the future, so your notice period is your opportunity to get the best reference you can possibly get.


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