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How to write a strong cover letter

How to write a strong cover letter

A strong cover letter can make the difference between your CV being tossed aside and being invited to interview. As a result, it is important to meet a number of criteria to make sure the letter sells yourself as best as it can.

So, what should you remember when writing a cover letter? Have a look at the points below:

  • Add information about your skills that specifically relate to aspects of the job specification – don’t match it word for word
  • Outline why you are interested in the role, what you are doing now and why you want to move on
  • Highlight reasons why you are relevant for the role
  • Point out transferable skills and achievements that support the relevance of your application
  • Avoid repeating content from your CV, but refer to parts of it if relevant. Remember, your CV and cover letter will be viewed together
  • Ensure your writing is brief and to the point, don't waffle
  • Check and double check for errors. Get a friend to check for you if you can.
  • Finish by politely requesting the opportunity to discuss your suitability further


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