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Attracting the right talent

Attracting the right talent

Attracting the right talent for your vacancy is necessary for the long-term success of your organisation and the role. Candidates look beyond the job title and responsibilities when looking for their next career step. As such it is important to consider the additional aspects of the role when looking for the right candidate.

The key elements for attracting the right talent include:

  • A competitive salary
  • Benefits
  • Holidays 
  • Attractive working hours 
  • Training 
  • Career progression

It will also be necessary for your organisation to use the correct mediums to communicate your vacancies. 

Job Boards

Job boards are a common place for job seekers to look for a new job. Niche job boards have become more popular as the refinement of the site allows the job seeker to have a more specific search. Placing your job on sites such as these will increase your focused out reach. 

Social Media

Social Media has increased its presence within our day to day lives. 40% of professionals are now using Social Media to find their next job with social networking sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn increasing in popularity. Reach out to your next employee through social networking. 

Internal recruitment 

Employing from within your organisation can be the most effective method of attracting the right talent. Your employee already buys into your culture and philosophy with a good understanding of the organisation requirements. 

Local press

Although the print media has become less significant it is still a useful tool to reach out to your target audience. Similar to the job boards, reaching your future employee through niche magazines can be an effective method. 

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recruitment jobs vacancies Gold Group Recruitment