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Second Interview

Second Interview

If you have been invited to a second interview, or even your third or fourth (it can happen!), it means you have done well so far. You performed well at your first interview and the employer wants you back to find out more and further assess your skills and suitability for the role.

A second interview can take on a number of guises, so expect the unexpected. Your recruitment consultant or the employer should be able to give you plenty of information about the format, but it could be:

  • A simple face-to-face interview with the same people
  • A face-to-face interview with completely different people or just one from the original interview
  • An interview panel
  • An assessment day
  • Multiple one-to-one interviews

Whatever it may be, remember you are there because the interviewer saw something worth employing!

All the rules of the first interview apply, but there are a few other things to consider:

Remember your research!

Firstly, ensure you repeat your research. Try and go a little more in depth than you did for the first interview and ensure you are confident of your information and the details within your CV.

You haven't got the job yet

You will probably feel a little more comfortable than the first interview. You have been to there before so there will be some familiarity with the building and possibly the people which is great for helping you relax. However, this is still an interview so remain professional and don't get overconfident. Ensure you talk about yourself positively and continue to sell your strengths. 

Face to face interviews

If it is simply a face-to-face interview of sorts you should try and perform exactly as you did at the first interview. Stay positive, confident and expect some repetition if there are different people in the room.

Tests and assessments

Remember to relax! These tests will be intended to assess your skills, skills you know you have. It may be a speed test where you are set 50 questions in 15 minutes or it could be more like an exam where you face questions about your skills. Whatever it may be, you would not be there if they did not think you were capable. The additional research you have performed, your job related knowledge and your interview preparation will all suffice to get you through it.

Assessment days and one to ones

If your second interview is based on one-to-one interviews or assessment days, ensure you remain enthusiastic and positive with each person you talk to. Leave a positive impression with all of them and ask questions each and every time.

At the end of the day

Finally, remember to find out what happens next. Sometimes offers will be made on the day, other times you may be contacted a few days later. Whatever the outcome, make sure you know what is going to happen next.


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