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How Gold Group can help

How Gold Group Can Help

Gold Group is one of the UK’s leading technical and professional recruitment consultancies. We have gained that reputation by offering excellence to both candidates and clients within the niches that we work, and can support the claim with the countless testimonials we have received.

Ultimately, we can help you to find your next career step. That is why we are here. We work with 100’s of globally recognised businesses that are looking for people like you and our job is to get you in front of them.

The consultants at Gold Group can help you in a number of ways:

Confidence and Discretion – First and foremost, you need to know you can trust the recruitment consultant that helps you find a new position. Our consultants know how difficult it can be for candidates to find new employment, and how discrete you need to be, and so will give you full confidence that they have your interests at heart.

Access to Jobs – Our consultants have strong relationships with Hiring Managers at most organisations within the fields we specialise. As a result, we have access to roles that closely match what you want from your career and can offer you interviews for those roles if you match the requirements. Many of these roles will be exclusive to Gold Group.

Access to Companies – As we mentioned above, we work very closely with numerous organisations. These relationships give you access to opportunities you may otherwise not have known about.

Career Advice – As well as this section of our website, you will have access to our consultants’ vast knowledge of your industry. This will include advice on CV’s, required skills, how to present those skills to clients at interview and much more.

Continued Development – Our consultants remain close with the candidates they place and so can give you continual assistance with your career. This could relate simply to advice and information on recruitment challenges you face as an employee, or to regular new positions for those candidates who choose to work as contractors.


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