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The Right Job

The Right Job

Many people consider the ‘right’ job to be the one that pays the most, but this shouldn’t be your only concern. You will spend the majority of your week at work and so a role that you finding challenging and interesting is just as important as the money.

Without a job you enjoy, you may find yourself constantly on the move or bored of your work and neither of them are good for your career.

Therefore, we've put together a list of important factors you should consider when looking for a new role:

Work/life balance

When looking at a new job, it is important to consider how it will affect your work/life balance. What is the commute like and what are the hours? Is there any weekend work or travel? Sum up all of the issues that could affect your home life and assess whether or not you are comfortable with them. If they add up to something you are not happy with, don’t necessarily dismiss the role; if you are perfect for it the employer may consider making changes to the advertised requirements.

Work environment/culture

The environment you work in plays a large part in your motivation and happiness at work. Find out about the environment in which you will be working: is it a light spacious office or a dingy flat roofed out-building? Also, find out what you can about the culture of the workplace. Is it a fun and social environment? Are people expected to work late? All of these things can impact on your work so they are important to know.

What do you enjoy?

Consider what you enjoy about your work. Will the more enjoyable aspects of your role be prominent in this new position? Obviously, all jobs carry certain aspects of work that you won’t enjoy as much as others, but it is important to find the right balance for you. As your career develops you should be work more on the aspects you enjoy. If this isn't the case, perhaps you're not following the right career path or applying for the right jobs.

Compensation package

Salary is important to most people when considering a new job. However, there many other important factors to consider, such as work benefits and what impact this will have on your personal life. Many companies will offer additional features to a package, such as gym membership, pensions, medical insurance and more, so gauge how these affect your desire for a role.


Finally, ensure you consider the opportunities a job may bring you. Look at what potential promotions there could be, or what interesting projects may be included. Don’t just stop there either, consider what opportunities you may have after a role. Working on large projects for reputable companies could open up opportunities for career progression later on.


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